Perennial Underperformer Struggles to Break Through

An established Enterprise cannot break into the top 20% of their market.

Case Stories


Enterprise leadership



An established Enterprise cannot break into the top 20% of their market. A cultural vacuum ensures low employee satisfaction and lack of belonging


Primary Challenges

  • Lack of focus on Culture as a business imperative and strategy
  • “Good enough” — bottom line is met so leadership is not oriented to transformation or even change
  • Key talent lacks sponsorship and is not equipped to advance or develop
  • No/minimal connection between employees and MVP



  • Transactional approach provides no MVP, and they feel replaceable, so retention is low
  • Leadership lacks the intention or ability to solve employee satisfaction and culture issues
  • Low customer satisfaction and being outperformed by competitors


Emotional Pain Points

  • No sense of belonging
  • Low confidence
  • Low morale


Could Not or Didn’t Know How To

  • Recast / Leverage MVP to connect with employees
  • Reframe / Strengthen culture through the lens of the MVP
  • Have transformational leadership DNA to bolster growth and energy to future
  • Improve employee and customer experience

theo Intervention



  • Create / refresh Vision
  • Develop and implement a transformational agenda aiming for “100%” positive customer experience



  • Create Culture as a competitive advantage and foster a sense of Belonging
  • Leadership Culture Transformation / Community
  • LAUNCH – Culture & Alignment

Functional Outcomes

  • Retaining talent and creating a positive work environment
  • Leadership is aligned on goals and vision and move together to achieve Mission
  • Organization transforms from transactional approach to personal approach
  • Customer experience drastically improved
  • Bottom line and market position elevated


Emotional Outcomes

  • Renewed confidence
  • Greater positivity toward organization
  • Greater sense of belonging