Are you ready to leverage your collective talent into a weight-bearing network and create a dynamic enterprise culture? The THEO network exists to advance the transformational agenda by accelerating the on-boarding of talent and its alignment with the aspired enterprise cultures. This service offering delivers a cohesive, weight-bearing network of leaders empowered to achieve the institution’s goals and aspirational culture.



The THEO LAUNCH™ is a two part highly applied onboarding process that accelerates the leader’s understanding of the current and aspired culture and helps prevent predictable faux pas that can derail a leader and cost them valuable organizational currency. The LAUNCH is most effective if it is initiated early in the leader’s tenure in the new role, within the first 90 days.


THEO Pegasus™ Methodology and Sponsorship Continuum™

Sponsorship is another by-product from our Network offering that is based on the concept that talent contributes maximally in an organization when a leader knows and believes someone is in their corner. This allows the leader to have greater possibilities, confidence and freedom to bring their ideas and take risks. Sponsors are often supervisors or other leaders in the organization who champion an individual to achieve success. The THEO Sponsorship Continuum™ is used as an interactive tool to illustrate these concepts. The THEO Pegasus™ methodology gives talent the wings to fly and contribute beyond anything they imagined themselves capable.



Individuals are only so strong on their own. We partner with our leaders to create weight-bearing communities that surround them in order to accomplish the significant work for which they are responsible. The THEO Community Continuum™ is used to determine the current state of your team and gauge movement towards building a stronger community.