A Dominant Organization Begins to Experience Talent Turnover

C-suite of a market-leading organization struggles to stop exit of talent to competitors as their Culture and Purpose erodes.

Case Stories


C-suite struggling to stop exiting talent



C-suite of a market-leading organization struggles to stop exit of talent to competitors. Situation is foreign to them, given their success to date.


Primary Challenges

  • Inconsistent or negative culture, leadership, and broader
  • DE&I efforts with inadequate sponsorship and plagued by starts & stops
  • Short of Belonging – People not bringing their full self and performance
  • Leadership and Board which is not diverse or representative of community/staff (unaware)



  • Low employee satisfaction, no connection to Mission, Vision & Purpose, and poor reputation making recruitment tough and retention difficult.
  • Lack of Belonging among staff is impacting performance and customer experience
  • Low “score” on DE&I metrics
  • Conflicting priorities and identities within organization


Emotional Pain Points

  • Frustration
  • Confusion
  • Bewilderment


Could Not or Didn’t Know How To

  • Develop and apply intervention to recast or strengthen leadership and broader cultures
  • Orient culture around Mission, Vision & Purpose and invite the full person and full performance for all org talent

theo Intervention



  • Define/leverage Culture oriented to the Vision and Purpose to resonate with all employees and communities to foster Belonging
  • Diagnostic of where they are to define needs and prioritize (Belonging assessment)



  • Develop a Culture Transformation Agenda and partner with key stakeholders (internal & external) to implement
  • LAUNCH and Community Sessions to strengthen leadership culture

Functional Outcomes

  • Employee satisfaction and retention increases making it a place people want to work
  • Talent is united around Mission, Vision & Purpose
  • Customer experience and public perception significantly improved
  • Performance and employee contribution increased
  • Belonging – DE&I is no longer experienced as a zero-sum game with “winners” and “losers”


Emotional Outcomes

  • Renewed confidence
  • Improved understanding