Harness culture as a
competitive advantage and
strategic enabler

Harmonize the relationship between your leadership culture, organizational culture, and your vision for transformational impact.

Community Sponsorship theo Launch™ Belonging


theo’s proprietary construct for delivering a weight-bearing leadership culture rooted in a common purpose and oriented around the organization’s mission and vision. Community is a fundamental building block in establishing a transformational leadership culture.


Foster a bond between promising leaders, those that play a critical role in their success, and the organization. A Sponsorship-based leadership culture cultivates accelerated growth, encourages thoughtful risk-taking, and enables the transformational leader to emerge.

Putting you at the forefront

theo  LAUNCH™

Deliver senior leaders with immediate traction and impact by providing a deep contextual understanding of their environment and culture. theo LAUNCH™ aligns the performance of the leader with the organization’s mission, vision, and purpose.


theo Belonging delivers a transformed culture where no one is left behind or left out – increasing individual and collective performance, engagement, and retention. Invite the full performance from every member of an organization.

Transforming Culture

C-suite of a market-leading organization struggles to stop exit of talent to competitors as their Culture and Purpose erodes.


A young CXO leader with superstar potential needs guidance to unlock and accelerate the next level of meaningful contributions


A 15-year “Celebrity CEO” contemplates retirement without the proper connections, infrastructure, and people-confidence to carry on in the CEO’s absence.


Wellbeing-oriented private equity funds seek to increase probability of success while accelerating that same success.


Wellbeing-oriented private equity fund manager seeks to make wise and profitable investments in portfolio companies


A once-successful CXO’s performance and people are now lagging behind amidst fast change in the larger organization.


A first-time CEO needs to build momentum, relationships, trust, and impact as they enter a new organization.


Large, high-impact organizations are committed to, but are challenged to realize transformational aspirations.


An established Enterprise cannot break into the top 20% of their market.


Post-pandemic Challenges for a Merged Hospital System


Learn how transformation is possible.

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