Partnership founded on trust and shared desire for transformational impact

theo’s ideal clients have many things in common. At the top lies an ambition for impact, an orientation to partnership, and an appetite for transformation.

Typical Clients We Partner With Their Needs We Work With Them To
Discovering new degrees of impact

Typical Clients

theo clients seek to unlock the next level in their performance, their people, and their organization. By engaging at the Talent, Culture, and overall Enterprise levels, our clients discover new degrees of impact and sustainability.

We Partner With

theo’s advisory partnerships exist at the highest-echelons of our client organizations — Entrepreneurs, Founders, CEOs, Executive Leadership Teams, Boards of Directors, and even Sponsoring Investors.

Meeting needs informed by vision

Their Needs

Our Clients’ needs are varied and are often informed by the ultimate vision they strive to achieve. Each of our clients experience predictable challenges and unique opportunities often found at the intersection of Talent, Culture, and the overall Enterprise vision.

We Work With Them To

theo’s impact is wide-ranging and includes accelerating and delivering transformational Leadership Talent, leveraging Culture as a strategic enabler and advantage, and moving the organization’s fundamentals to enable enterprise-wide transformation.

Stories of Transformation

C-suite of a market-leading organization struggles to stop exit of talent to competitors as their Culture and Purpose erodes.


A young CXO leader with superstar potential needs guidance to unlock and accelerate the next level of meaningful contributions


A 15-year “Celebrity CEO” contemplates retirement without the proper connections, infrastructure, and people-confidence to carry on in the CEO’s absence.


Wellbeing-oriented private equity funds seek to increase probability of success while accelerating that same success.


Wellbeing-oriented private equity fund manager seeks to make wise and profitable investments in portfolio companies


A once-successful CXO’s performance and people are now lagging behind amidst fast change in the larger organization.


A first-time CEO needs to build momentum, relationships, trust, and impact as they enter a new organization.


Large, high-impact organizations are committed to, but are challenged to realize transformational aspirations.


An established Enterprise cannot break into the top 20% of their market.


Post-pandemic Challenges for a Merged Hospital System


Learn how transformation is possible.

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