The path to an organization's
begins with people

Position your Talent for transformational performance and impact in pursuit of the organization’s vision.

Leadership Advisory CEO Advisory Cohort Advisory DYAD Advisory Leadership Profile

Leadership Advisory

Our proprietary framework for revealing, accelerating, and guiding transformational leaders. Leadership Advisory provides senior leaders access to timely and unique insight, navigational guidance, and thought partnership as they traverse their transformational journeys.

Ensuring a sustainable legacy

CEO Advisory

Designed to guide CEOs to transformational impact, CEO Advisory elevates leaders across the CEO journey — identifying the potential, fostering growth, optimizing their contribution, and ensuring the sustainability of their legacy.

Cohort Advisory

Cohort Leadership Advisory connects a collection of senior leaders with one theo Advisor. Our approach promotes membership, alignment, and performance while accelerating individual development and impact — delivering a true Cohort.

DYAD Advisory

DYAD Advisory is a construct that unifies purpose, creates strategic alignment, and accelerates the collective achievement between two senior leaders. It delivers synergy and orients the leaders’ efforts to transformational impact and performance.

Leadership Profile

A comprehensive assessment that leverages our unique approach and methodology to reveal the path to transformational impact for a leader. A beacon to the extraordinary and an accelerator to realizing the leader’s full potential.