C-Suites Heeding the Call for Foundational Change Turn to theo Transformation Advisory

One of the Nation’s Top Advisory Firms to Health Care CEOs Expands to Guide Organizations through Necessary Transformation.

With massive waves of change ahead, theo Transformation Advisory is building its strategic and practice capabilities in order to accelerate the transformation of the industry and its impact on health.

More than offering technical advice, theo’s time-tested techniques guide top executives in sharpening their vision, enhancing cultures, and delivering their respective missions.

“The time has come to seize the opportunity to advance much-needed transformation of health care and other sectors. It’s time to be wise and fearless,” says theo founder Theo Theodosiou.

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Health care systems and other organizations facing changes quickened by recent global and national events are seeking guidance from the Dallas-based leadership and transformational advisory firm, theo Transformation Advisory. With a long history of providing advice and counsel to many of health care’s top CEOs and senior executives, theo is expanding its team to help leaders navigate the current times and transform for the future.

“Transformation isn’t a long-term strategy anymore. We are at the inflection point of either making foundational change or being changed,” says Theo Theodosiou.

Listening to the concerns of the nation’s top executives, the group is responding to meet the needs of leaders ready to make significant cultural, strategic, and operational shifts. Theodosiou is recruiting marquee talent to the firm to meet this demand.

Culled from America’s leading organizations, the new talent includes:
• Senior Advisor Lee Penrose, a former health system CEO
• Chief Administrative and Financial Officer Barbra Milwood, a health care strategist
• Senior Associate Siobhan Abraham RN, MN, a clinical practice specialist
• Director Client Service Michael Theodosiou, a multi-industry expert

Additionally, noted physician executive Jack Cox, MD, assumes a new role as Leader, Transformational Strategy.

“Leaders have talked about readying for disruption for many years,” says Milwood. “However, a global pandemic, social justice issues, and the realities impacting many of our vulnerable populations have all accelerated the timeline. The moment to act is now.” Adds Penrose, “When we look at health care, we see that too many health systems are on the brink of financial disaster. Although the situation is partially due to the pandemic and the postponement of elective procedures, the truth is that the field was simply too slow to change. Recent events have brought to light simmering questions about organizations’ abilities to make necessary adjustments amid changes in financial models, resource utilization, and service delivery.”

In working with clients, theo offers the proprietary theo Methodology™, a unique approach focusing on transformational strategy, leadership advisory, and community building. Setting themselves apart from consultants who offer technical and management advice, theo advisors work closely with executives, enhancing their skills as effective and visionary leaders. To help leaders through transformation, theo offers a structured framework that delves deep into culture, talent, strategy, and infrastructure.

“We leverage talent and move culture toward a more dynamic enterprise,” says Michael Theodosiou. “At a time when organizations are thinking deeply about making changes that include creating a more just and equitable workplace, we take them many steps further. We build a community of engaged leaders and sponsors set on achieving an aspired culture that lasts for generations.”

“Now more than ever, we are uniquely poised to assist our client leaders with the shifting landscape,” says Dr. Cox.  “We embrace a mission of influencing and inspiring ideas and transformation so that leaders can make decisions that are wise and fearless, ultimately benefitting their enterprises and the communities they serve.”
Says Abraham, “Working with colleagues who offer real solutions at a time of crisis is incredibly rewarding. It’s too easy to become pessimistic about the road ahead. The more difficult path is to make bold decisions that may be unfamiliar but are right for the long-term. We’re all being called to change, and the best of us are going to answer the call.”

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For more information on theo Thought Leadership, contact Barbra Milwood. Visit www.theoexec.com or contact Barbra at 972.373.theo (8436).