Investment Manager Seeks X-factor In Pursuit of Success

Wellbeing-oriented private equity funds seek to increase probability of success while accelerating that same success.

Case Stories


Private equity fund manager



A private equity fund focused on investments dedicated to improving people’s wellbeing seeks a way to improve the probability of the success of its investments, while accelerating the speed of such success.


Primary Challenges

  • Significant maturity gaps have been identified in leadership talent and leadership culture
  • Leadership talent turnover needs to be executed
  • Mission, Vision & Purpose non-existent or not fully leveraged



  • Uneven leadership talent is struggling to navigate growth expectations and new ownership structure
  • Leadership culture is immature and fragmented – causing competing agendas, inefficiencies, and concerns over the ability to react to internal and external factors
  • Leadership talent, in pockets, is actively resisting the change/transformation


Emotional Pain Points

  • Lack of Confidence


Could Not or Didn’t Know How To

  • Support & develop leadership talent to improve ability to navigate the new environment and landscape
  • Create a connected, cohesive, and appropriate leadership culture
  • Orient the growing enterprise around Mission, Vision & Purpose
  • Get a handle on the intangible and behavioral elements, talent, and culture, of their investment

theo Intervention



  • Leadership Culture Transformation
  • Community
  • Sponsorship (LAUNCH or other offering)
  • Broad org culture transformation through lens of Mission, Vision & Purpose



  • CEO Advisory
  • Targeted leadership advisory
  • Cohort advisory

Functional Outcomes

  • Leadership talent and culture that is able to master the internal challenges/opportunities and stay ahead of the external variables
  • Mitigation of common issues with Talent and Culture in growing, PE-backed businesses
  • Minimizing the need for PE leadership to “baby-sit” the leadership talent
  • Increased probability of a successful and profitable exit
  • Increased enterprise value of portfolio company


Emotional Outcomes

  • Confidence
  • Improved clarity