Investor Seeks Better Informed Investment Decisions

Wellbeing-oriented private equity fund manager seeks to make wise and profitable investments in portfolio companies

Case Stories


Private equity fund manager



A private equity fund focused on investments dedicated to improving people’s Wellbeing seeks a way to gauge the quality of its prioritized investments more reliably.


Primary Challenges

  • They are optimistic about the business prospects and financial performance of the portfolio company’s product and market approach, but are unclear as to the quality and talent of leadership (c-suite and board)
  • They need to understand if they have leadership talent to drive growth, scale, and overall performance
  • Potential turnover in leadership talent



  • Questions about the maturity and orientation of leadership talent
  • Struggling to anticipate turnover implications
  • Unclear understanding of the culture (leadership and broader organization) which they are “buying”


Emotional Pain Points

  • Lack of Clarity
  • Lack of Confidence


Could Not or Didn’t Know How To

  • Evaluate the leadership talent and culture
  • Anticipate who will need to leave and stay, and who will do so voluntarily
  • Identify succession opportunities or the need to bring in external leadership talent
  • Identify opportunities to strengthen the culture, especially leadership

theo Intervention



  • Leadership culture assessment and generative action plan
  • Organizational culture assessment and generative action plan



  • Leadership talent assessment
  • Turnover assessment and recommendation
  • Succession planning assessment and recommendation

Functional Outcomes

  • Mitigation of common issues with Talent and Culture in growing, PE-backed businesses
  • Minimizing the need for PE leadership to “babysit” the leadership talent
  • Stronger understanding of and relationship with leadership talent and board talent
  • Increased probability of a successful and profitable exit
  • Increased enterprise value of portfolio company


Emotional Outcomes

  • Confidence
  • Clarity