Key Player Stalling Out in a Changing Environment

A once-successful CXO’s performance and people are now lagging behind amidst fast change in the larger organization.

Case Stories


Once-successful CXO



Amidst fresh and fast changes in the larger organization, a once-star CXO is now lagging in development, and with negative impact on their team and larger organization.


Primary Challenges

  • As the organization has grown, they have not kept pace or maintained their team. The needs of a larger institution require new expertise and maturity.
  • Grew too fast, wasn’t prepared to sustain and properly staff for the unknown needs of today
  • Political capital spent and commitments made along the way to bolster growth. Time to make good and produce for all stakeholders



  • Bottom line of organization impacted restricting new growth and investment across org.
  • Clarity lowered in this Vertical creating diminishing returns
  • Can’t keep pace with other areas
  • Turnover of team
  • Past Growth and Transformation created higher bar compounding performance delta


Emotional Pain Points

  • Low morale
  • Disenchantment
  • Anxiety


Could Not or Didn’t Know How To

  • Intervene and bring the CXO back to high performing levels
  • Diagnose issues and reestablish/strengthen team around CXO
  • Realign the CXO’s contribution to the growth of organization
  • Develop depth & succession

theo Intervention

  • Talent Transformation
  • Leadership Advisory

Functional Outcomes

  • Aligned contributions and improve performance
  • Retention – CXO/CXO’s team
  • If an exit is needed, smooth transition
  • Connecting the leader to organization’s mission
  • Performance, in real terms, improved significantly


Emotional Outcomes

  • Confidence
  • Relief
  • Happiness