New Face in a New Place

A first-time CEO needs to build momentum, relationships, trust, and impact as they enter a new organization.

Case Stories


A first-time CEO joining a new organization



A freshly installed CEO finds themselves in a new organization. Expectations run high and time is of the essence. Relationships and trust are key.


Primary Challenges

  • Operating in an unknown Culture with a lack of historical knowledge
  • Need to rapidly establish relationships and trust with Board and Sr. Leadership
  • Needs to operate through a new lens as CEO rather than past CXO experiences.
  • Need to clearly understand and state their mandate and direction



  • Resistance to change at Sr. Leadership and Board level due to competing agendas and priorities
  • Mis-steps and breaks with the norms
  • Leadership turnover due to prior CEO leaving
  • Reverts to past practice or successes which is their known comfort area


Emotional Pain Points

  • Anxiety
  • External pressure
  • Lonely at the top


Could Not or Didn’t Know How To

  • Engage with and bring the Board along as first time CEO, framing and advancing the transformational agenda
  • Invite Leadership Team into new Leadership Culture or leverage existing culture
  • Stabilize leadership team and foster alignment to maximize impact and develop a weight bearing Leadership Community

theo Intervention



  • CEO Advisory
  • Leadership Advisory



  • Culture LAUNCH
  • Alignment LAUNCH
  • Community — to create new culture and develop relationships

Functional Outcomes

  • CEO able to fully leverage organizational culture and leadership culture
  • Leadership talent aligned and connected on a basis of trust
  • Weightbearing leadership community established and performance elevated
  • CEO able to establish meaningful and productive relationship with Board and reshaped leadership talent
  • CEO able to successfully develop and deploy transformational agenda with sponsorship from Sr. Leadership and the Board


Emotional Outcomes

  • Confidence
  • Trust
  • Happiness