Organizations Committed to Meaningful Change Struggles to Transform

Large, high-impact organizations are committed to, but are challenged to realize transformational aspirations.

Case Stories


C-suite Executives of dynamic, high-impact Organizations



Large, high-impact organizations are committed to, but are challenged to fulfill pledge of meaningful change and ultimate transformation for the greater good.


Primary Challenges

  • They are unsure if they need to transform to fulfill their commitment, and are unsure how to “get started”
  • They are struggling to make meaningful progress toward their objectives as a part of their commitment to transform
  • They need to build and maintain adequate support and sponsorship from key leaders, including the CEO and other top-of-the-chain executives



  • Small solutions or initiatives without the potential for broad impact
  • Superficial progress in pockets of the organization
  • Checking the box approach versus meaningful, sustainable, impact


Emotional Pain Points

  • Confusion
  • Frustration


Could Not or Didn’t Know How To

  • Decide if transformation is required to fulfill their commitment and how to begin the work itself
  • Build sponsorship with key stakeholders, the CEO, and the Board to frame a transformation agenda
  • Navigate the transformation

theo Intervention



  • Transformational Readiness assessment
  • Development of Transformation agenda
  • Ongoing Transformational Advisory partnership



  • Targeted leadership advisory for leaders of the transformation

Functional Outcomes

  • Meaningful progress which is highly sponsored and viewed as a business imperative
  • Progress creates external opportunities for the organization (network and strategic partnerships
  • Healthy Equity initiatives rooted in the organizational vision, culture, talent, strategy, design, and infrastructure
  • Elevated visibility and profile of c-suite executives leading the charge desired


Emotional Outcomes

  • Improved morale
  • Improved confidence and sense of success