Post-pandemic Challenges for a Merged Hospital System

Post-pandemic Challenges for a Merged Hospital System

Case Stories


New C-suite of recently-merged hospital system



A complex hospital system’s leadership, having recently grown through mergers, now find themselves facing economic and other unfamiliar challenges in a post-pandemic world.


Primary Challenges

  • Recently they have undergone a significant reshaping of their leadership talent and disruption of leadership culture.
  • Existing leadership talent exited, new talent joined, internal talent promoted



  • Disconnected leadership talent with different ways of working and behavioral norms creating points of friction and inefficiency
  • Variations in leadership talents’ understanding and connection to organizational Vision and purpose
  • Lack of alignment on specific contributions and competing agendas of leadership talent
  • Negatively affecting organizational performance and the ability to navigate the external factors


Emotional Pain Points

  • Uncertainty in leadership
  • Anxiety about the future


Could Not or Didn’t Know How To

  • Invite leadership talent into a new reality and orient them to the organizational Mission, Vision & Purpose and Leadership Culture
  • Foster connectedness in leadership culture
  • Create foundational alignment in leadership efforts to optimize performance and navigate transformation

theo Intervention



  • Targeted Leadership Advisory
  • Cohort Advisory



  • Leadership Culture Transformation
  • Community
  • Sponsorship (LAUNCH or other offering)

Functional Outcomes

  • Orienting leadership culture and leadership efforts through the lens of the MVP – limiting competing agendas and points of friction
  • Foundation of trust and connectedness woven throughout leadership culture
  • Increased alignment, performance, and accelerated impact by leadership talent


Emotional Outcomes

  • Renewed confidence
  • Feeling of camaraderie
  • Elimination of anxiety and uncertainty