Is your organization aspiring to transform into an industry-leading enterprise? The future of the health and healthcare industry depends on the emergence of true enterprises led by visionary and courageous transformational leaders. We help you navigate your institution as it evolves and transforms into a fully impactful enterprise.


Transformational Strategy Counsel

THEO Transformational Strategy Counsel is a programmatic offering that accelerates an institution’s journey to a true Enterprise. The offering is grounded by the THEO Transformational Readiness & Sustainability Framework™, which begins with a diagnostic that assesses the organization’s Transformational Readiness along five key dimensions. The key components of the transformation agenda include strategy, structure, culture, talent and infrastructure.


Transformational Readiness & Sustainability™

This is a diagnostic that assesses the organizations transformational capacity along 10 key dimensions. The organization’s leadership then develops the transformational agenda and initiatives that will deliver the enterprise vision. The key components of the transformation.